prof. Peter M. ANDERSON

prof. Peter M. ANDERSON

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.

Peter M. Anderson is Prof. in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. He received his ScB degree in Engineering from Brown University in 1981 and his ScM and PhD degrees in Applied Sciences from Harvard University in 1982 and 1986, respectively. Following a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Cambridge University (UK), he joined The Ohio State University. He has authored/coauthored over one hundred fifty articles on the mechanical behavior of bulk and thin film materials, including a chapter on crystal plasticity in Fundamentals of Metal Forming and a comprehensive set of PowerPoint lecture slides for the introductory textbook, Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction. Most recently, he coauthored with John P Hirth and Jen Lo the the 3rd edition of Theory of Dislocations. He has held visiting positions at Brown University, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, and Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he was Bernd T. Matthias Scholar. He is a recipient of an Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award, three-time recipient of the Boyer Award for Teaching Innovation, and a recipient of the Lumley Research Award. He recently completed a 4-year term as Chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University.

Professional Preparation


Sample Publications (out of 150+)

  1. Paranjape HM, Manchiraju S, Anderson PM, "A phase field-finite element approach to model the interaction between phase transformations and plasticity in shape memory alloys," Int. J. Plasticity 80: 1-18 (May 2016) [36+ citations].
  2. Manchiraju S, Anderson PM, "Coupling between martensitic phase transformations and plasticity: A microstructure-based finite element model," Int. J. Plasticity 26(10): 1508-1526 (2010) [99+ citations].
  3. Li L, Anderson PM, Lee, M-G, Bitzek E, Derlet P, Van Swygenhoven H, "The stress-strain response of nanocrystalline metals: A quantized crystal plasticity approach," Acta Mater. 57(3) 812-822 (2009) [76+ citations].
  4. Anderson PM, Bingert JF, Misra A, Hirth JP, “Rolling texture in nanoscale Cu/Nb multilayers”, Acta Mater. 51: 6059-6075 (2003) [132+ citations].
  5. Norfleet DM, Sarosi PM, Manchiraju S, Wagner MFX, Uchic MD, Anderson PM, Mills MJ, "Transformationinduced plasticity during pseudoelastic deformation in Ni-Ti microcrystals", Acta Mater. 57(12) 3549-3561 (2009) [195+ citations].
  6. Gerberich WW, Nelson JC, Lilleodden ET, Anderson P, Wyrobek JT, "Indentation-induced dislocation nucleation: the initial yield point," Acta Metall. et Mater. 44(9), 3585-3598 (1996) [400+ citations].

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Collaborators and Other Affiliations
Collaborators and Co-Editors (in alphabetical order)
Gunjan Agarwal (The Ohio State Univ.), Othmane Benafan (NASA-Glenn), Suresh Babu (University of Tennessee), Erik Bitzek (Univ. Erlangen), John Carpenter (Los Alamos National Laboratory), James Cawley (Case Western Reserve University), Peter Derlet (Paul Scherrer Institute), Mohammad Elahinia (U Toledo), Darrell Gaydosh (NASA-Glenn), Gunter Eggeler (Ruhr Universitat), Mohammad Elahinia (U Toledo), David Gandy (EPRI), John P. Hirth (Washington State Univ.), Richard Hoagland (LANL), Haluk Karaca (University of Kentucky), Myoung-Gyu Lee (Pohong Univ. of Science and Technology), Lin Li (University of Alabama), Sivom Manchiraju (ANSYS), Amit Misra (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Ron Noebe (NASA-Glenn), Andrew Payzant (Oak Ridge National Lab), Peter Sarosi (General Motors R&D), Yao Shen (SJTU), Steven Van Petegem (Paul Scherrer Instit.), Helena van Swygenhoven (Paul Scherrer Inst.), Michael Uchic (Air Force Research Laboratory), Raj Vaidyanathan (Univ. Central Florida), Martin Wagner (Univ. of Chemnitz).

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors
James R. Rice, Sc.M. and Ph.D. advisor (Harvard University)
Ken L. Johnson and Norman A. Fleck, Postdoctoral advisors (Cambridge University, England).

Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor (in alphabetical order)
Joshua Askin (Corning), Lukmann Bawazer (UC-Santa Barbara), Richard Blocher (OSU), John Carpenter (Los Alamos National Lab), Xiang Chen (OSU), Yaogeng Chen, Marc Doran (Delphi), Danielle Dunham (OSU), Gregory Ebersole (Washington Univ.-St Louis), Kathryn Esham (Honeywell), Jason Fain (Delphi, Inc.), Erik Glaser (Cleveland Clinic Foundation), Michael Gram (TiMet), David Gutschick (OSU), Eric Kreidler (Honda of America), Adrienne Lamm (Honeywell), Huyong Lee (OSU), Myoung-Gyu Lee (Pohang Univ. Sci. Tech.), Lin Li (University of Alabama), Qizhen Li (Washington State Univ), Zhiyong Li, Marsha Logan, Sivom Manchiraju (Ansys Software), Sandeep Muju (San Jose State Univ.), Harshad Paranjape (UC-San Jose), Eric Payton (Air Force Research Labs), Deanna Phillips (Air Force Research Labs), Yao Shen (Shanghai Jiao tong University, China), Mulaine Shih (OSU), Ryan Smith (San Luis Obispo Polytech), Evan Sperling (Intel Corp), Alexander Veress (University of Utah), Martin Wagner (Uni-Bochum, Germany), Jue Wang (Proctor and Gamble), X.-J. Xin (Kansas State University), Yanyi Xu (Fudan University), Conghui Zhang (Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology), Natalie Zeleznik (OSU).

Graduate Students Advised: 28. Postdoctoral Scholars Sponsored: 6.