Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA

At COMAT 2024 conference John J. Lewandowski will present the plenary lecture "Fatigue- and Toughness-Based Process Windows in AM".

John J. Lewandowski is the Arthur P. Armington Professor of Engineering II at Case Western Reserve University and Director of the Advanced Mfg and Mechanical Reliability Center (AMMRC).  His B.S., M.E., and Ph.D. were in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science at Carnegie Mellon Univ. as a Hertz Foundation Fellow. His M.E. research was on hydrogen embrittlement of austenitic stainless steels. 

Ph.D. research focused on hydrogen embrittlement and fracture of rail steels. He also spent two years as Metallurgical Engineer/Failure Analyst at the Richmond Refinery Materials Laboratory, CHEVRON USA. He subsequently spent two years as a NATO/NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at Cambridge University, England, working with Prof. John F. Knott, FRS, OBE, on fracture and fatigue of engineering materials.  Specific research projects included: stress relief embrittlement and fracture/fatigue of 2 1/4 Cr-1 Mo steels; Pb-induced solid metal embrittlement of aluminum alloy pressure vessels; and impurity effects on fracture of Al-Li alloys. He joined CWRU as an Assistant Professor in 1986. Research and teaching interests are primarily in the areas of processing/structure/property relationships in ferrous and non-ferrous engineering materials; effects of superposed pressure on deformation/fracture; fatigue and fracture of intermetallics  and composites, bulk metallic glass, and layered/laminated materials; deformation processing; blast-resistant materials; advanced engineered materials systems; fracture and fatigue of biomedical materials; failure analysis; additive manufacturing. Publications/presentations exceed 330/1000, with an H-index > 55.

External Appointments

Director-AMMRC (Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Reliability Center)


PhD, Met. Eng. and Matls Sci., Carnegie Mellon University, 1984
ME, Met. Eng. and Matls Sci., Carnegie Mellon University, 1981
BS, Met. Eng. and Matls Sci., Carnegie Mellon University, 1979
NATO/NSF Postdoc,, Matls Sci. and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge1984

Residencies, Internships and Fellowships

Overseas Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, 2004
ALCAN Fellow, Matls Sci. and Metallurgy-University of Cambridge, 1985
HERTZ Foundation Fellow, 1983
Allegheny International Fellow, 1981